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Kayla is such a fun, detail-oriented, professional but friendly, bad a** event coordinator. Absolutely the #1 best thing I did for my wedding back in June was hire Kayla. The whole day ran smoothly, but before that, Kayla was easy to communicate with, has such a wealth of information about vendors and other ideas that you wouldn’t think of, was always willing to help me fix a problem or just listen to me panic (lol). Kayla is the key to a successful event- would 10/10 recommend her services to anyone who will listen to me.

- Niki Valenzuela

Hiring Kayla was the best decision I made for my wedding! She is amazing With everything she does. I didn't know much about weddings when I started planning mine and she helped me through the whole process gave me recommendations and listen to what I thought I wanted and when I had crazy ideas she would help made she they came to life! The week of the wedding she spent countless hours preparing, the day before she spent all day setting up and make sure everything was on track to happen the day of she made sure everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to and if something happened she handled it. My wedding day was completely stress free thanks to Kayla she new exactly what to do and what needed to be done that I didn't get bothered and got to enjoy my wedding and not worry about a thing

-Breanna Buxton

I worked with Ascend Events for an Elodie photo shoot. I’ve never experienced such quality professional event planning in our community! What they are capable of is truly one of a kind. There was properly assigned roles for hair and makeup, styling, and photography and it truly was one of the funnest days I’ve had. No detail was overlooked as far as what was needed and I was given clear instructions going into it on what was expected of me. I can’t wait to see all the end results of their labor and I was truly blown away by the whole experience I had with them.

- Hannah Truitt


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